The Business Calendar Network is a new approach to using the business and networking events that are already happening in a region or in an industry as a way to create a stronger, more vibrant, and more connected entrepreneurial community. See below for an in-depth look at the Calendar.

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Find the Events that Matter

The Business Calendar Network aggregates business events from hundreds of different organizations, connecting entrepreneurs and professionals with the ideas, people, and resources they need to grow their business and build their careers. Even though we call it a calendar, the Business Calendar Network is not about the events. It is about improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a region, to create a startup-friendly environment that nurtures entrepreneurship. The Calendar is designed to integrate easily into any web site, in 30 minutes or less. There is no programming involved. Put the Business Calendar Network on your web site today. The Calendar you see here has every event in the Business Calendar Network, no matter where it is held or what it is about. You can use the Calendar’s search and filter tools to find exactly the sorts of events you want to show to your members and web visitors.

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You Pick What Events Are Shown on the Base Page

You know what topics and events will interest the visitors to your web site. You may even have your own events, or those of your partners, that you want to bring to people’s attention.

When you put the Business Calendar Network on your web site, you have the power to highlight any event in the Calendar. Highlighting an event gives it extra visibility on your Calendar by shading it a special color in the Day, Week, and Month views. It also puts the event front-and-center on your Calendar’s “Base” page, so that visitors to your Calendar will see your highlighted events before they see anything else on the Calendar.

See a Week or a Month at a Glance

Everybody has their particular preferences for how they like to manage their Calendars. Some like to see a simple list of events, presented almost like a series of bullet points. That is the Calendar’s Day view. Others prefer seeing events listed as you might see it on a wall calendar, with events listed in a week- or month-at-a-glance format. Those are the Calendar’s Week and Month views.

Try using the Calendar navigation tool to flip from one view to another.

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