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New Features for the Calendar

We are constantly improving on the Business Calendar Network and its companion mobile apps.  We have just released some exciting new features.  Some of these new features are meant for end users, others for organizations hosting events, and others are for sponsors, so bear with me as I explain.

For Everyone

Users can now search for both City and ZIP.  If you type “Peoria” into the "from city or ZIP" field, you will get a list of ZIP codes for Peoria.

Choosing to search Peoria

The “Hot This Week” list now reflects the Calendar filters.  Before, the list showed the top events for the entire Calendar Network.  Now it only shows those events relevant to the default filters set for a Calendar.

For Organizations Hosting Events

A change to how Host Organizations are selected when adding an event.  We have added a new “organization picker” so that you can select from a list of the Host Organizations we track in the Calendar.  It’s easier to show you than to describe it.

A new way to pick the host organization for your event

You can search by location, by name, or by keyword.  (Name searches only in the Name, while keyword searches the whole record.) Searching for “hispanic” will show you all the organizations with those letters in their name.

You can then add them to your event.  To add multiple organizations, just search and add each organization in turn.

If you don’t find your organization, you can submit it as a new organization.  Please be sure to search carefully when looking, because we seen a few people adding organizations we already had.

Changes to our Registration system.  You did know that the Calendar can do RSVPs and registrations?  It is free for RSVPs, and there is a small charge if you want to have your attendees pay by credit card.  There are a few minor tweaks to the Registration system:

For paid events that have sold out, we tell people that "This event is sold out."  This seems like a no-brainer when you explain it in those terms, but we honestly didn’t think of this until recently.

Event organizers can approve or decline registrants.  If you are holding an event where you want to "vet" your attendees, you can hold acceptance of the registration pending your approval.  Be sure to use our "Questions" feature to collect the information you need to make a decision.

Event organizers can edit the post-registration message.  We now allow organizers to write text that will be displayed after the user has registered for an event.  We also added a new post-registration confirmation email, and event organizers can add text to that email, as well.  You can paste any HTML code you want into these fields, so feel free to get fancy with the message to your attendees.

The new post-registration message

For Sponsors

Regional sponsors can now place their logos on the weekly updates sent from their Calendars.  This is the first step in our strategy to transform the weekly updates into “white label” newsletters that sponsors can use to interact with their members and communities.

Highlighted Events being held by the Calendar host are given special emphasis.  This way you can highlight both your events and those of your alliance partners, and yours will still stand out in the listings.

New highlighting features


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