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Why “Anti-Social Networking” Is Important for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

There's a lot of buzz these days about social networking, and we agree that social networking is likely to transform the way we live, work, and interact.  We even have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn company profile, and a Twitter profile.  You are welcome to like us and follow us.

But when we announced the next generation of our iPhone and Android mobile apps for professional networking this week, we called them the "anti-social networking" apps.

Now, we’re not really anti-social, but relying on social media alone will get you nowhere in business. Face-to-face networking remains a critical skill for anyone looking to build a business or career.  That is the whole reason we built the Business Calendar Network (BCN) -- to increase the opportunities for face-to-face networking and make it easy for entrepreneurs and professionals to find the people, resources, and knowledge they need to grow their businesses and their careers.

Version two of our mobile apps is even more focused on better professional networking.  The first versions of our app made it possible for people to find events. This next generation helps people manage their business professional networking.

The new apps feature a range of location-based features that enable users to “check into” business and professional networking events, see who else is at the event, and follow the online conversations at the event. The BCN app’s built-in integration with Facebook and Twitter make it easy to interact while at an event, both in-person and online.

 Who's Here screen 

The new app was showcased recently at the White House Urban Entrepreneurship Forum, held in Philadelphia, where its new interactive features enabled attendees at the Forum to connect and converse both online and in person.

Other new features in the app include an improved advanced search, where events can be searched by category, location, and keyword. Users can also save searches for later recall, so a favorite searches can be called up and refreshed at any time.


I invite you to download the new app and give it a try today.

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