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Connecticut Technology Events

Why should you care about Connecticut?  Well, read on.

We are pleased to welcome Connecticut to the Business Calendar Network and thank the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) for becoming our newest Regional Connector!

Why is the CTC using the Business Calendar Network to host a state-wide calendar of events on its web portal?  To become a connecting point for innovators in Connecticut.


"The key part of our mission is to build a cohesive community in a state that has many disparate regions and sectors; we see the Basecamp Business Calendar Network as an important ally and tool in this effort. We recognized that events are a great way to build and promote a common experience, but there was so much happening that it is hard to plan or even know all of what is going on in the state. The Business Calendar Network allows us to pull all events from similar organizations into one place, so that the technology and business community is now much better connected.”

                            Matthew Nemerson
                            President and CEO
                            Connecticut Technology Council


Connecticut Technology Council

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