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The whole idea behind the Basecamp Business Calendar Network (BCN) is to help organizations like yours to become the place people go to find out what tech events, business events, biotech, and startup events are happening all over your region.  Drive more qualified, relevant traffic to your website.

We know how difficult and expensive it can be for a busy organization such as yours to build and maintain a regional calendar -- the web development costs, the time spent on research, the time spent on updating the calendar.  A regional calendar can be a great resource for your community and a great source of traffic for your web site, but it can be a huge commitment in time and resources.  That's why we designed the BCN to make creating a regional calendar simple and inexpensive.  It is "set and forget":


  • Cost-effective, turnkey event capturetell us what to look for, and Basecamp Business will keep your Calendar up-to-date, for as little as $500 per year
  • Not dependent on other organizations adding their events – Basecamp Business tracks and captures the events, automatically
  • White-label mobile app available – people can find events on their iPhone and Android phones using your mobile app
  • Sponsorship and custom newsletters available – your logo will appear on every email newsletter and on every BCN Calendar in your region


Stop sign

Stop kidding yourself.  Your current “regional calendar” doesn't work.

  • You have a "regional calendar" of events, but no one ever adds their events
  • You have endless meetings over who owns, builds, and pays for the calendar
  • You lose a day every month adding your partners’ events to your web site
  • Your “regional calendar” lists only one event in the next 6 months
  • Your web person keeps telling you they can “build” you a calendar

Problem Solved.  The turnkey Basecamp Business Calendar Network won't put any demands on your time or strain your resources.  It WILL make you the Connector in your region.  It WILL get the right people in the seats.  It WILL promote your events and organization.

Give us a call today. We'll take care of everything. You'll be the benchmark.

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Basecamp Business Calendar is retiring. EventUpon is here!

EventUpon is the next generation in Event Technology for Event Discovery and now Event Reviews! Read what others say about events and add your own review. Plus more events and smarter recommendations. Don't waste your time at a lousy event again.

You will be automatically redirected to EventUpon or click here. You can still use your Basecamp login and password.