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Mapping the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Dave Lerner, Director of the Venture Lab at Columbia University recently posted a crowd-sourced map of the world’s entrepreneurial ecosystem on his blog.

This is a fabulous idea, though a quick look the map of the entrepreneurial ecosystem shows that it covers only investors – venture, angels, corporate investors, and accelerators.  That is only one part of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.  To us, the entrepreneurial ecosystem includes:

  • Investors, angels, and VCs
  • Entrepreneurs and their management teams
  • State and local EDAs
  • Financial institutions
  • Media and publishing
  • Landlords and real estate
  • Vendors
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Mentors and advisors
  • Business associations
  • Foundations
  • Educators
  • University technology transfer offices

Lerner himself writes:

Future releases [of the map] will go beyond venture, angel, corporate investors and accelerators. We will be trying to comprehensively cover as many facets of the entrepreneurial ecosystem as possible in an easy to use manner - all in one place.

As a crowdsourced resource, anyone can add an investor to the map.  What other facets of the entrepreneurial ecosystem should be added to the map, or to what I’ve listed above?  After investors, investors, and VCs are listed, what would be the next most important part of the ecosystem to map out?

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