About Connecting Entrepreneurs

This blog is about the importance of connections.

I’ve written before about how breakthroughs are a social act.  It’s not enough to have a good idea.  It’s only when you share an idea that it begins to have the power to move people, to change people, to change the world.

Our idea for Basecamp Business is simple:  starting and growing a business is too complicated.  The “entrepreneurial ecosystem” meant to support entrepreneurs is too inefficient.

We see entrepreneurs struggling alone, wondering if anyone else has ever had to face the same problems and challenges in getting their businesses started.

We see VCs and angel investors, wondering how they can help their current portfolio of companies break through to the next level, or how they can find the next great early stage investment.

We see EDAs, wondering how they can make do with less, while still making their region an attractive place to start and grow a business.

The answer is, “Yes, someone else has already faced and overcome these challenges.”  By creating a more efficient and collaborative startup community, we have the opportunity to build on each other’s knowledge.  Breakthroughs are a social act.

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Some of the topics we will be touching upon in this blog include:

  • Exploring ways to make the entrepreneurial ecosystem more efficient.
  • Energizing your startup scene.
  • Regionalism and collaboration
  • Industry Clusters
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization
  • Entrepreneurism and Community-building

We will also talk a bit about the Business Calendar Network:  how it can help create a more connected entrepreneurial community, new features we are rolling out, and how organizations are using it.

We may also talk a little about events.  We have the opportunity to see events from all across the country, and maybe something that worked well in one part of the country might do well in another.

We welcome your comments and questions.

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