The Calendar is only the starting point. We’re creating a series of applications to enable organizations to maximize the reach and effectiveness of their business development, event marketing, and membership.

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Events Are Opportunities

If events and event marketing are your lifeblood, we are creating applications that help you take full advantage of every opportunity. This ranges from tools that help teams of professionals plan out their attendance at important upcoming events and conferences to tools that help event marketers plan, execute, and promote their events.

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Professional Networking Diary

Professionals – such as lawyers, accountants, and consultants – depend on business events and professional networking as a key element in their development of new business. Built on top of the popular Business Calendar Network, the Professional Networking Diary enables professional services firms to manage the participation of its partners and associates in important business events.

Event Management

What if you planned an important event, only to find that most of the people you want to come are already attending another event? We can help you avoid event conflicts. We know what dates are free, what venues are popular, even what speakers and topics are in demand. We can also manage your registrations and RSVPs.
Learn more about using Basecamp Business for Event Management.

Membership Management

Use our Membership Management tools to keep track of, nurture and grow your membership. We make it easy for you to serve your members better.

Event Promotion

A free listing on the Calendar Network will take you far, but we have ways to promote your event that can take you even farther. Learn More

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