Are You a Connector?

In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell asked, “Are you a Connector? ”  Gladwell was talking about people, particularly the people who know everyone.  These Connectors play a major role in accelerating the spread of a new idea, helping it leap from one social circle to another.

The Tipping Point

So if people can be Connectors, can organizations also be Connectors?

Yes, and the way to do it is through events.  There is no replacement for meeting face-to-face.  At events you meet the people that matter – the people that can help you move your idea forward, or introduce you to the people that can.

But how do people in your region find the events that matter?  There are too many web sites to keep track of.  Google does a poor job at finding events. 

What happens when you search for “technology events” in your region?  Is there one place that lists them all, or are they scattered among a dozen different places?

Be the Connector in your ecosystem!


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