The BCN Private Label Mobile App

75% of all cell phones sold today are smartphones.  If you are relying on your web site alone to engage with your membership, you are missing a huge opportunity!  Sure, smartphone users can get to your web site, but they prefer using mobile apps

That's why we created the BCN mobile app, and that's also why we are making private label versions of our BCN mobile app available to membership-based organizations focused on technology, startups, biotech, or any manner of specialized business audiences.

Your Custom Mobile App, Powered by the Business Calendar Network

With a private label mobile app for iPhone and Android phones, you can put your events front-and-center with your membership.

  • The app has your name, your logo, and your events.  When your members use your branded app, the first thing they see are your events.
  • Engage your members with "event check in" so they see who else is at your events, follow Twitter conversations about the event, connect on LinkedIn, and share with their friends and colleagues.
  • Event discovery shows other top events and meetings in the area.  This will bring your members back to your app, time and time again.



Try Out a Private Label App for Yourself

The Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology (PACT) recently launched their custom-branded mobile app, powered by the Business Calendar Network.  Download it now for iPhone/iPad or Android and see how it works for PACT.


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Basecamp Business Calendar is retiring. EventUpon is here!

EventUpon is the next generation in Event Technology for Event Discovery and now Event Reviews! Read what others say about events and add your own review. Plus more events and smarter recommendations. Don't waste your time at a lousy event again.

You will be automatically redirected to EventUpon or click here. You can still use your Basecamp login and password.