Calendar Networks

The Basecamp Business Calendar is more than a calendar – it is a network of calendars, all sharing information about upcoming events. Put the Calendar on your web site and join the Calendar Network.

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Show the Events that Matter

With the ability to sort and filter events by topic area, by location, and date, you have a powerful tool that gives a complete and integrated view of all the business events happening in your area. When you put the Calendar on your web site, you can choose what events people see when they visit your site.

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A Thousand Web Sites in One

With traditional calendars, an event posted to a web site is likely to be seen only by a small number of people who either already know about the organization or happen to stumble across the event on a search engine. With the Basecamp Business Calendar Network, every web site becomes an access point to the entire Calendar Network, so visitors can get a complete view of everything happening in their area, without having to visit hundreds if not thousands of web sites. Learn more.

Reach More People

If you’re just posting to your own web site, you’re only reaching a small portion of your potential audience. Join the Basecamp Business Calendar Network by adding the Calendar to your web site to replace or supplement your standalone calendar and get greater reach for your events. People visiting the Basecamp Business Calendar Network are actively seeking events.

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