Custom Analysis

Basecamp Business prepares custom reports for Economic Development Agencies and other interested parties to monitor and enhance business creation and growth in a region.

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What You Can Learn From Our Reports

Some of the areas on which Basecamp Business can provide analysis include:

  • Specific areas within the region that are popular for networking and business events, and what is common within these areas that are conducive to such events
  • Specific venues that are popular for specific kinds of business events
  • Popular topics and themes for business events
  • What topics, communities, and industries are being underserved?
  • The kind and concentration of organizations hosting such events, and the most popular hosting organizations
  • Seasons, days of the week, and times of the day that are most popular for events
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Make This Possible

Of course, none of this is possible unless you become a Regional Sponsor of the Basecamp Business Calendar Network for your region. Learn more.

Download Our 2009 Report on Philadelphia

The Basecamp Business Calendar Network launched as a pilot project in the Greater Philadelphia area in mid-2008. We used the information collected on events during 2009 as the basis for a landmark study on the state of business events and professional networking in the Greater Philadelphia region. Would it surprise you that there were over 3500 events in the Philadelphia region held by nearly 500 organizations? Download the report to see the complete findings.

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