For Developers

Does your firm develop Web-based event calendars for your clients? If so, we have a solution we’re sure you will like. Our Calendar is more than just an events calendar. It is a whole network of calendars, linked together. And you can put it on your clients’ Web sites with a simple embed code using our Calendar widget.

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It's More Than Just a Calendar

By subscribing to Basecamp Business Calendar, your clients not only get a comprehensive, up-to-date business calendar on their Web page, but one that’s distributed throughout the entire Basecamp Business Calendar Network. This means their events are immediately cross-posted on other Web sites around the region and across the nation, to be seen by thousands of people looking for events just like theirs. The Calendar also gives their visitors a complete, integrated view of everything happening in their region or industry.

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Generate Additional Revenue

Introducing your clients to the Basecamp Business Calendar Network is an opportunity for you to:

  • Generate additional revenue -- we share the subscription revenue from the Calendar clients you sign up with us and any revenue from customization work that might be required by your clients. There are also a variety of additional integration services your clients might need to tie the Calendar even more closely to their Web site.
  • Generate more sales leads – the Calendar is designed to be viral, to create networks of inter-related Calendars that all share and cross-post events. Any organization that holds events will want to know about the Calendar, and they will need your help to get started with it.
  • Retain a customer – your customers will thank you for helping them turn their events calendar into a powerful marketing tool.
  • Reinvent the way people use and share event calendars – there is nothing else like the Basecamp Business Calendar Network.

Custom Coding Available

While the Basecamp Business Calendar is flexible and configurable to meet most requirements, Basecamp Business can create a calendar that is customized to meet your clients’ exact needs. Why spend the time and resources to work on these projects, when you can turn to the experts?

We have a talented technical team that will work with you to design and develop a superior and easy-to-use Web-based solution for finding and posting events that is specifically tailored to address a client’s particular situation.

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Basecamp Business Calendar is retiring. EventUpon is here!

EventUpon is the next generation in Event Technology for Event Discovery and now Event Reviews! Read what others say about events and add your own review. Plus more events and smarter recommendations. Don't waste your time at a lousy event again.

You will be automatically redirected to EventUpon or click here. You can still use your Basecamp login and password.