Event Promotion

Just by listing your event in the Basecamp Business Calendar Network, your event can reach a much larger audience. There are things we can do to make your event even more visible.

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More Attendees

We meet people all the time who tell us they found out about a new group or an event through the Calendar. We’ve had people who hold meetings tell us that 10 percent of their attendees came to them through the Basecamp Business Calendar, even though they’d only added the listing the week before the event. Premium Listings make your event even more visible. You can also choose to advertise your event, targeting people who are viewing similar events in a similar region.

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Premium Listings

Get greater visibility for your events by highlighting them on the Basecamp Business Calendar Network. Premium Listings get highlighted on Calendars across all our member sites. You can expand the reach of your event information at a very efficient cost. Ask for more information.

Advertise with Us

Basecamp Business runs relevant, targeted ads that complement the user experience. We try to ensure that the ads are as valuable a resource to visitors as the rest of the content. We can run an advertisement for your event anytime someone looks at an event with similar characteristics.

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