Here are some of the questions we get about the Calendar and the Calendar Network. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, please drop us a line.
  • Who uses the calendar?
    • Anyone who wants to find, attend, or promote a business-related event. This includes professionals, looking to develop their career, their network, or their business by meeting and connecting with other professionals; entrepreneurs, looking to understand the challenges they face in growing their business or to find people and resource; and organizations, looking to use events to reach and educate current and potential members or customers.
  • Do you have to have an account to use the calendar?
    • Anyone can use the calendar to search and register for events without registering. Some of the more advanced features, such as adding an event, can only be used by members who have created and confirmed a username. If you want your organization to display the Basecamp Business Calendar on your site, you must subscribe to the service for the Calendar Widget.
  • Why should our organization subscribe to the Basecamp Business Calendar?
    • The Basecamp Business Calendar aggregates thousands of events from around the region. Posting your event through the Basecamp Business Calendar not only puts it on your Web page, it distributes it throughout the Basecamp Business Calendar Network. Your events are automatically and immediately posted on other Web sites around the region and seen by thousands of people looking for events like yours. This means increased exposure for your events, growing your organization and your membership.
  • What are the features of the Calendar?
    • The Basecamp Business calendar features a comprehensive listing of thousands of events that are searchable by multiple criteria. Each event includes nearly 100 fields of information, such as time, location, description. Events can also be highlighted, moving the event to the top portion of the Calendar Home page and shaded in a special color. The Basecamp Business Calendar also has a built-in Registration System so that users can RSVP or register for your event.
  • Do I need special software to host the calendar on my Web site?
    • No, we do all the coding and development on our server.
  • Do I need any programming knowledge to use the calendar?
    • No. It is a simple matter of cutting and pasting. The bigger issue is: do you have access to the code for your Web site? We recommend that you have your webmaster paste the “embed code” that we generate for the Calendar into the appropriate place on your Web site. It requires both a detailed knowledge of Web site coding and, most importantly, access to the code.
  • Does the calendar work from my computer?
    • Yes
  • What browsers are supported?
    • Any
  • What are my options for importing or exporting from MS Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar?
    • You can export any event to Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal. Look for the export buttons while viewing an event. We do not currently support import of event information into the Calendar.

Putting the Calendar on Your Web site

  • Do I need a server or special hardware to post the calendar on my site?
    • No. Since we host the calendar on our server, you don’t need any hardware at all.
  • Are there any special requirements for posting the calendar to our site?
    • It’s important that the code for the Calendar is placed into the right place on your Web site. That is why we recommend we work with the webmaster once you become a subscriber.
  • Do I need a systems administrator to post and manage the calendar?
    • The Calendar is designed to be easy to manage. Your events manager can manage the content displayed in the Calendar, ensuring that the most appropriate events are being highlighted. Once the “embed code” is placed on your Web site, all the really technical work is done.
  • How do I get the calendar on my Web site?
    • After subscribing to the Basecamp Business Calendar, you will set up the subdomain, paste the embed code we generate, and then configure the calendar. That’s it. The calendar will be on your Web site.
  • How do I feature my organization's own events?
    • You can add your organization’s events at any time. Also, you can “highlight” any event you’d like. This promotes the event to your Calendar Home page, and it also shades the event in the Day view to give it more “visual prominence.”
  • What if I don’t want to include a competitor’s events on my Web site?
    • You can exclude (or include) specific organizations. You can scan through the list of organizations in our database and choose to exclude them. Events from excluded organizations will never appear on your Calendar.
  • I only want a limited number of organizations to appear on my Calendar. Can I limit my Calendar to only those organizations I choose?
    • You can include specific organizations, so that only events from those organizations will appear on your Calendar. Scan through our list of organizations and pick the ones you want to show. Users can, however, still perform searches against our entire database.
  • How often do the events get updated?
    • The Calendar keeps itself up-to-date automatically with events from around the region. We periodically confirm the event information, and organizations that have contributed events will update their events as they change. All of this is automatically reflected in your Calendar. You don’t have to do anything once the Calendar is on your site to ensure it is kept up-to-date. You can add events anytime. It takes up to 2 days for approval, unless you’re set up as an “approved organization”.
  • How can I change or delete events?
    • Once you submit an event for approval, you can edit it until it is approved. Once approved, an event can only be edited by someone who has been specifically designated as able to edit the events for a specific organization. Currently, members cannot delete events. Contact info@basecampbusiness.com if you feel an event needs to be removed from the calendar.
  • How do I clear out old events?
    • We do not remove past events. We feel there is value in knowing that an event occurred, either because of the topic that was discussed, the expert who made the presentation, the organization that sponsored the event, or the venue where the event took place. The Calendar does automatically limit searches and many other displays to upcoming events. You have to ask it to show you events from the past.
  • Will the new events I add to my Calendar be seen on all the Basecamp Business Calendars?
    • Yes. They will be displayed automatically on those Calendars that have requested to be sent those sorts of events (by topic, or by geography). Users searching for events of that type will also see your event in their search results.
  • I only want the event to appear on my Calendar. Can I exclude it from the Calendar Network?
    • The Calendar Network is purpose-built to share events, with the idea that there is strength in sharing and interconnecting. An event posted on the Basecamp Business Calendar is automatically shared throughout the Calendar Network.
  • What is technology behind the calendar?
    • The Calendar is built using Drupal, driven by a robust database of events and organizations.
  • How long will it take to implement the calendar once I go through the setup process?
    • It only takes a few minutes, but the code we generate must placed into the appropriate place on your Web site by your webmaster.
  • Will my event information be secure?
    • Yes, once your event is approved, it can only be edited by someone who has been specifically designated as able to edit the events for a specific organization. Of course, Basecamp Business reserves the right to edit events as it deems appropriate.
  • How reliable is the information in the calendar?
    • We try to be as complete and accurate as possible. However, since we rely on others to submit the data, we can’t guarantee the information is correct.
  • How many companies use the calendar?
    • Dozens of companies host the Widget on their Web sites and more than 100 host organizations post events to the calendar.


  • What are the payment plans?
    • We have a single or multi-year payment plan for three different types of subscribers – profit, non-profit or publishers.
  • How do I choose the right package for my needs?
    • If events are an important part of your marketing efforts and you want to turn them into a powerful tool, you should consider the multi-year plan because of the discounts.
  • Does a single purchase include a multi-site license?
    • A single subscription pays for one license. You may post the Calendar to multiple Web pages, but it will be the exact same Calendar on all pages, with the same colors, highlighted events, and filters.
  • Do I have to sign up each year for the Calendar?
    • For your convenience and to avoid disruption in service, we will automatically renew the subscription each year. We will send you an email advising you about the upcoming renewal. If you choose, you can change or cancel the subscription at that time.
  • Who do I contact if I am having problems?

Look and Feel

  • Can I customize the calendar?
    • Yes, through colors, font and the type of events you include. You can give users a view of events that is aligned with the interests of your community. If the focus of your organization is on life sciences, for example, you can select Life Sciences as your default domain tag and only Life Sciences events will be displayed on your Calendar.
  • How can I get the calendar to match the color scheme of our Web site?
    • When you configure the widget, you select from six different color schemes, choosing one that best matches the look and feel of your own Web site.
  • Can I made changes to the calendar after the initial configuration?
    • Yes. Once the Calendar has been placed on the appropriate page on your Web site, you can take steps to configure it to choose the color of the Calendar, the types of Events it displays, the Host Organizations it displays, and even the geographic region that should be covered. These configuration changes can be made at any time and DO NOT require a new embed code.
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