Professional Networking Diary

Built on top of the popular Business Calendar Network, the Professional Networking Diary enables professional services firms to manage the participation of its partners and associates in important business events.

To professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and management consultants, networking is an essential element for business development, both for meeting potential new clients and for remaining top-of-mind with existing clients.

Professional services firms face two challenges. First, how can the firm keep up-to-date with all the networking events that matter? Second, how can the firm get the right people to attend the right events – that it is not sending too many people to one event and none at all to another?

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Customized Alerts and Feeds

Receive information about events that are relevant to you. The Diary uses your profile to create an iCal feed of events tailored to your preferences. As new events get added to the Calendar database, the Diary automatically updates the professional’s iCal feed and Outlook calendar. You can also receive a summary of new or updated events via e-mail or SMS.

Leveraging the Calendar Network

The Diary leverages the thousands of event listings in the Basecamp Business Calendar Network to provide professional services firms a complete, integrated, and private view of everything happening in their area.

  • The Diary sends relevant event information directly to the firm’s professional partners and associates.
  • As the partners and associates indicate that they will be attending an event, the Diary keeps track of who is going to which events, so the firm can be assured that the important events are adequately covered.

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