Promoting Regionalism

The Basecamp Business Calendar Network is not about the events. It is about connecting people, finding resources, and sharing knowledge. It was built to serve as a connecting point in the creation of new businesses in the region. It was built to help people and organizations collaborate to create a stronger, more vibrant, and more connected business community.

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Connections that Drive Business

By sponsoring the Basecamp Business Calendar for their region, Economic Development Agencies help accelerate the connections that help drive business activity. Without the Calendar Network, it is easy for people to get stuck in the same networking ruts, going to the same groups they’ve always gone to and never knowing that there are other people and other opportunities right around the corner from them. The Calendar is available on the websites of the calendar sponsors and on numerous other websites and is searchable by subject, organization, geography, distance and state for ease of use. No matter what web site someone visits, if the site is a member of the Calendar Network, it gives people an access point to everything going on in a region.

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Virtual Clubhouse

"The goal of the supporters of the Calendar Network was to create a ‘virtual clubhouse’ that used events as a way to help entrepreneurs and others connect with people and programs that would accelerate their business growth."

Thomas G. Morr, President and CEO of Select Greater Philadelphia

Become a Regional Sponsor

We will never understand your community the way you do. We look for a regional sponsor willing to champion the Basecamp Business Calendar Network in their region, ensuring that the right organizations and events are in the Calendar Network and encouraging others in the region to join the Calendar Network. Learn more about becoming a Regional Sponsor.

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Basecamp Business Calendar is retiring. EventUpon is here!

EventUpon is the next generation in Event Technology for Event Discovery and now Event Reviews! Read what others say about events and add your own review. Plus more events and smarter recommendations. Don't waste your time at a lousy event again.

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