The Basecamp Business Calendar Network is a catalyst for regionalism and economic growth. The Business Calendar Network uses the business and networking events that are already happening in a region or in an industry as a way to create a stronger, more vibrant, and more connected entrepreneurial community.

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Create a Tighter Community and Promote Regionalism

These visionaries understand that the Basecamp Business Calendar Network is a fantastic way to create a tighter community and promote regionalism. Any organization in the region that uses the Basecamp Business Calendar becomes an access point to the entire Calendar Network, allowing entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and professionals to get a complete picture of everything happening.

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Accelerate Regionalism

"Although our community had many organizations and peer networks focused on supporting the entrepreneur community, there was no process or mechanism in place for entrepreneurs or small business owners to identify who all these various support organizations and peer networks were...   When we came across the Basecamp Business Calendar Network it seemed to be the perfect fit for what we wanted to accomplish.

"The Basecamp Business Calendar Network has accelerated the legitimacy of innovateknoxville.com.  The Calendar gives people a practical and active reason to go to the Innovate* Knoxville site..."

Todd A. Napier, AICP, CEcD, Executive Vice President, The Development Corporation of Knox County

Build a Strong Regional Network

“It takes a strong regional network of resources and support to build and launch a new company. However, navigating that network can be a challenge for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. The new Basecamp Business Calendar will help by providing an inventory of events in the region that entrepreneurs can easily search to find the events that will help them build their businesses.”

Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., President and CEO, Science Center

Help Entrepreneurs Connect

“Part of our mission is to bring together the best of Pennsylvania's people, ideas, and technology to serve as a catalyst for advancing the state's knowledge-based economy. With the Basecamp Business Calendar, we help entrepreneurs and professionals connect with the people and resources in our region they need to grow their businesses. And it’s simple for us to feature our own events or highlight those that we believe are most important to our audience.”

RoseAnn B. Rosenthal, CEO and President, Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/SEP)

Grow a Culture of Entrepreneurship

“The greater Philadelphia region is a great place to expand, locate or start a business. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge, resources and support available here to help businesses grow and prosper. The area’s top business leaders wanted a way for entrepreneurs and other business executives to easily find programs, events, resources and people so that they could leverage these many assets for business success. The Basecamp Business Calendar helps serve that need. It is a critical connecting point for our community, helping to grow the region’s culture of entrepreneurship and causing greater Philadelphia to become a more competitive region for business formation and innovation.“

Tom Morr, President and CEO, Select Greater Philadelphia

More Effectively Serve Membership

“As a catalyst organization that promotes the growth of the entrepreneurial community in our region, it’s important that we both host a wide variety of our own programs and networking events and also let our members know about similar events in the area. As soon as we learned about the Basecamp Business Calendar Network, we knew that it would help us more effectively serve our members and the community-at-large with a better, more comprehensive, easier-to-use and more widely viewed calendar.”

Maxine Ballen, New Jersey Technology Council

A Stronger Nationwide Community

“NASVF connects innovators and investment capital for economic growth. With its comprehensive, integrated view of far-reaching events focused on innovation, seed and venture capital, federal laboratories, business creation, economic development and technology transfer, the Calendar Network will help build a stronger nationwide community focused on Innovation.”

Jim Jaffe, President and CEO, National Association of Seed and Venture Funds

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