What Events Should Entrepreneurs Know About?

You may have seen our recent launch the mobile app version of the Business Calendar Network, allowing entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals to use their iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones to discover business and professional events happening nearby.  It’s an entirely new way of doing face-to-face networking.

We’ve had 1000s of downloads already.

We can use your help.  People all across the country are going to be downloading the apps and using these apps to look for events they should attend.  Here is my question:

What events should people in your area know about?

Please tell us what groups and events we should include.  Send us an email with a few names for us to track.

Find the Events that Matter on your iPhone

Our goal is to gather the best events for connecting entrepreneurs and the people who can help them start and grow their businesses.

I appreciate your input and invite you to download the apps yourself (for iPhone/iPad or for Android) or learn more about the Business Calendar Network and how you can take advantage of it in your region.  Please rate the apps if you like them, and be sure to keep a look out for some of the exciting new features we plan for the next version of the apps.


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