Why Be a Regional Sponsor?

Energize Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

First piloted in the Greater Philadelphia area, where it has received rave reviews, the Basecamp Business Calendar Network is now seen on web sites all over the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware area. Now we are rolling out the Calendar Network to new regions, and we’d like your organization to help us bring the Calendar Network to your community by becoming a Regional Sponsor.

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Why Become a Regional Sponsor?

  • Foster collaboration, not competition
  • You need to drive growth in your region, yet there are so many organizations and so many events. It’s like you’re competing instead of collaborating. Use the Basecamp Business Calendar Network to promote regionalism. Any organization in your region that uses the Basecamp Business Calendar becomes an access point to the entire Calendar Network, giving a complete picture of everything happening in your region.

  • Be seen as a connecting point
  • You serve a specific community. Become the place they go to find out about events that might be of interest to them. As a Regional Sponsor, your logo will be on every site that joins the Calendar Network in your region.

  • Be our champion
  • You ensure that the right organizations and events are in the Calendar Network and encourage others in the region to join the Calendar Network. We can’t do it ourselves, because we don’t know your community the way you do. The more groups that are part of the Calendar Network, the more valuable it becomes to the entrepreneurial community.

What Do You Get as a Regional Sponsor?

  • Your logo will appear on every Calendar in your region
  • You can place the Calendar on your web site
  • You help transform and connect your entrepreneurial community
  • You tell us what organizations should be included in the Calendar, and we start researching and collecting the events

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